The Economist Intelligence Unit has one of the largest and most experienced country and industry analysis teams in the world. Our 100 full-time country experts and economists, based in offices around the world, have a thorough grounding in economics, politics, risk and industry. Most have lived and worked in the region they cover; many are fluent in local languages; and three out of four have advanced degrees. To ensure that this expertise remains fresh and up to date, each country analyst focuses on two or three countries, and visits them regularly.

Our experts are supported by a huge network of contributors based in virtually every country of the world. Currently numbering 650, our contributors report on recent economic and political events, comment on the business environment and legislative changes, and give their views on political, economic and social trends.

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  • France leads new food index, followed by Japan, with good performance for nutrition, food waste and agricultural sustainability. India and Ethiopia face severe nutritional challenges,…
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  • Informal networks vital source of support to 78% of start-ups. Over half of entrepreneurs belong to business-networking groups on global platforms such as Facebook and…
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  • According to a new survey, uncertainty about economic growth is by far the top concern of treasurers worldwide Low or even negative interest rates are…
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Gaps in global availability of essential vitamins and minerals has severe consequences for human health. The Global… https://t.co/XWhAQ4LIBp

RT @RobinBew: I do wonder it, given the political imperative to rapidly close off #Brexit and move onto other issues, plus the big Tory maj…

RT @moxenford: Looking at the results in the morning with fresh(ish) eyes - It's becoming clear Johnson's biggest political problem isn't B…

#AML is the most common form of acute leukemia and is responsible for 62% of all leukaemia deaths. Explore the chal… https://t.co/neOXpbP8pe
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