Wednesday, 16 October 2013

UK fracking jobs only to be one-third the number forecast by David Cameron

Development of a shale gas sector in the UK will take much longer compared to the US experience, in the US there were pre-existing conditions for rapid development of shale 

There is a need to replenish domestic gas supply due to falling North Sea gas production, but the cost of extraction of shale gas is to date hard to quantify, as are the available resources that can be recovered 

Shale gas extraction needs to be properly regulated and monitored so local communities are satisfied with development in their area 

While obviously a better option than coal, gas-fired power generation is not the only tool useful for lowering carbon remissions. 

There are options across the energy mix, including renewables (solar, wind and tidal) as well as nuclear to meet carbon reduction goals, in addition to careful development of shale gas 

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